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We have been passionate in this sector for a long time and have been lucky to get to know a number of businesses extremely well.  That has let us hear what they need and how they want to receive their legal support.  That let us design and structure the firm and how it does business in the clients' interests.

sector specialists who understand your business

Many of our clients are totally passionate about this sector and their businesses. So are we. That’s why we get on and do business together.

Cleantech Cadre, as the name suggests, was founded with a unique iron focus on the growing cleantech sector, to serve the legal and policy needs of organisations involved in improving sustainability performance, manage operational risks and environmental liabilities and deliver sustainable solutions.  

We have been privileged that many of our clients have come to us based on personal recommendations from other clients, and as senior business leaders have moved to join or set up a new business, they have instructed us again.

We seek to be aligned with our clients and avoid taking on matters for other clients that could challenge that alignment. We won’t represent aggressive fracking businesses or those illegally disposing of hazardous waste

innovative lawyers who love solving problems

We have created a number of novel project structures that have been approved by the energy and environmental regulators and satisfied insurers and investors.  Some of our clients have joked that we should be developers rather than advisors.

well connected networkers who know who to bring in and when

We work best as part of your team.  We know just when the time is right to bring in the right disciplines to deliver the most efficient result for our clients.  We maintain a roster of specialist allies internationally who we know can deliver successful, meaningful collaborations. We can lead or be led by engineers, environmental consultants and other specialist solicitors and barristers who slot together in an egoless manner, working with the client's existing resources.

Well networked, we spend a good amount of time creating connections between clients and contacts to generate new business for them.  We love helping our clients and friends deliver.  It’s a bonus when that sometimes generates work for us.

trusted and independently minded advisors

Cleantech Cadre is an independent boutique. 

Our independence means we are well placed to provide expert opinions and specialist representation. We are well known to and respected by environmental, planning, health & safety and energy regulators.  

We also work with law firms who do not offer specialist representation in our areas of subject matter expertise. When we do so we guarantee that, in particular because of our boutique nature, we would not try to push in on and take over a client relationship.

cost effective flexibility

Our clients' engagements are led by senior experts providing strategic advice at a competitive price.

We know when you are trying to deliver a project or close a deal you rely on the lawyer you are working alongside, not so much on the reputation of the big name firm they work for.

We operate a highly effective cost structure. We do not rely on a big bench of junior associates billing long hours to cover big offices and high overheads. This means that the lawyers who you meet in the pitch or in the first meetings will be leading the delivery all the way through.

We can alternative billing mechanisms, such as fixed fees, success fees, outcome-based fees and value billing, or we may be able to take equity for fees in certain situations.

We can work on hourly or daily rates that reflect the experience and expertise of our lawyers but also take account of our lean and efficient admin functions.

Our specialist lawyers can provide outside in-house counsel support for clients on a contracted retainer basis or ad hoc as the needs of a particular transaction or project demands. You can choose to have us function as part of the internal team, embedded at a project site or your office.

Let us know how we can work for you.

“Impressed clients say [Steve] is "fantastically knowledgeable," "extremely creative" and "pragmatic and commercial.” 

Chambers UK - Environment

“…a reputation among clients and peers as an "entrepreneurial and inventive" lawyer.

He doesn't look for problems, he looks for solutions.” 

Chambers UK - Environment