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regulatory compliance
and policy advice

compliance and beyond

Our advice helps keep you compliant so you can focus on running your business, even as the law evolves.


We have extensive experience in all aspects of regulatory compliance from environmental and health & safety day-to-day and crisis management, to product and supply chain management. This is a detailed field with complex and evolving legislative requirements.


We frequently advise on the appropriate strategies in responding to and cooperating with regulatory authorities and conducting internal lesson learnt investigations.


Our efforts are designed to identify and avoid problems and to minimize risks, to avoid commercial and criminal liabilities and harm to reputation. We help clients manage these issues effectively when they do arise and, if all else fails, represent them robustly in proceedings.


Brexit brings a whole new dimension to regulatory compliance matters and will continues to represent a significant near term risk factor for clients.




range of regulatory counselling services


It is not possible to list all topics on which Cleantech Cadre lawyers have advised, but these include:

operational risk

  • Managing environmental, H&S and climate change operational risk at board level

  • Government affairs and lobbying support

  • Public relations and reputational risk

  • Directors' duties and personal responsibility, corporate governance and CSR

  • Bribery and corruption

  • Emergency and incident response, investigations and enforcement

  • Administrative proceedings such as regulatory negotiations, judicial review and inquiries

  • Environmental insurance and 3rd party risk transfer

  • Brexit

product liability and supply chain

  • Regulatory regimes applying to manufacturers and importers

  • Human rights and modern slavery

  • Food safety and hygiene

  • Extended product responsibility

  • Product environmental and safety requirements, liability and recalls including WEEE and RoHS

  • Product and packaging labelling

  • Ecodesign and energy efficiency

  • Chemicals and REACH

consents and approvals

  • Planning and environmental permitting including site selection, representation in appeal and enforcement proceedings

  • Waste management: licensing, enforcement, mineral planning and landfill mining

health and safety management

  • Health and safety governance, policies and procedures.

  • EHS issues and audits, in sectors including energy and utilities, waste, water, chemical and manufacturing and transport

  • Compliance with ISO 14000 standards

  • Noise pollution

  • Defence representation at PACE interviews

climate change

  • International climate change law, emissions trading, voluntary offsetting regimes and climate change levy issues, carbon finance in regulated and voluntary markets

  • Negotiating and disputing ERPAs

  • Organisational climate change responses

natural environment

  • Nature conservation; habitat matters and impacts on development; EIA and SEIA

  • Water resources and water pollution

  • Contaminated land, including liability issues, development, remediation and preparation for bringing and defending claims; related lender liability concerns and accounting and fiscal treatment of contingent liabilities

  • Crisis, incident and emergency responses

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