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real estate

our real estate expertise

We provide specialist support to clients involved in transactions and projects in the real estate industry, and owners and occupiers better managing their property interests.  This includes working with property specialist lawyers and surveyors in-house or in private practice.

Given our sector focus, our work is skewed to clients who are seeking to manage the risks or unlock opportunities relating to sustainability and energy performance (whether that is energy efficiency, on-site or nearby generation, waste water and drainage, or heat networks) or managing legacy environmental & contamination risks.

By involving us at an early stage of development in transactions, we can provide practical guidance on site selection, title issues, site assembly, tenure and specialist development funding. 

A finding or suspicion of contaminated land should not be overlooked and we frequently advise on the often complex liability issues which arise.

We provide expert commercial advice on areas as varied as these listed below:


  • green leases

  • property development and strategic planning

  • brownfield regeneration

  • embedding sustainability into real estate assets and developments

  • remediation tax relief

  • developing on-site clean-tech & renewables projects to enhance sustainability - including private wire PPA

  • environmental insurance and structuring risks 

  • guaranteed fixed rice remediation and 3rd party risk transfer 

  • regulatory compliance

  • asbestos, PCBs and deleterious materials

  • incident and emergency responses including fire and explosion risk

  • securing planning permission

  • environmental permits

  • dangerous substances and waste management

  • risk assessments

  • toxic mold and sick building syndrome

  • management of complex environmental liabilities

  • cessation of operation,  de-permitting and decommissioning

  • contaminated land liabilities and intrusive investigations

  • access to environmental information

  • selecting, engaging and managing consultants



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