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project development

derisking your projects – helping you navigate every stage of the development process


Our cadre have advised multiple ground breaking and award-winning power projects.


With the drive to greater urbanisation and demand for sustainable energy and clean water, infrastructure and homes, the pace of capital deployment into new projects, and redevelopment of existing assets, is growing. 


Also growing is the need to consider the sustainability of the project and its ESG risks.  Regulators, host communities and capital providers alike insist on high standards of performance before, during and after. 


Whether you are a sponsor or project manager, an investor or have another interest in the project’s future, our specialised team sees your industry as you do.  We work closely with you on a full range of issues to ensure your needs are met.  We will often work with a wider group of construction, property and tax lawyers and other professionals (both in-house and in partner firms) to manage the project risks.


We can support you from concept and design through to completion, with structuring, navigating the complex convergence of interested stakeholder parties, advising on the regulatory framework, securing consents and permits, then developing and operating your project. 


we advise on:


  • Project concept and structuring

  • Professional team selection and appointment

  • Site assessment and securing options

  • Accessing finance

  • Securing renewable energy incentives: RHI, FIT, ROCs, CfD, other green certificates - applications and regulatory negotiations

  • ESG governance

  • Complex consenting, securing permitting

  • Specialist aspects of the procurement and construction process

  • Environmental performance

  • Operational compliance

  • Regulatory relations

  • Community relations

  • Governance and reputation

  • Beyond the operational phase we assist with end-of-life and decommissioning issues and unlocking the potential for redevelopment.



sectoral expertise


In-depth knowledge of your industry ensures your interests are protected at every step.

  • Renewable power generation

  • Coal plant conversion

  • Energy storage

  • Water

  • Waste

  • Gas Combined Heat and Power

  • Mineral extraction

  • Refinery closures

  • Interconnectors

  • Telecommunication projects

  • Transportation infrastructure 

> examples of project development experience

biomass, energy from waste
energy efficiency / CDM
hydro-pumped & ROR
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