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Cleantech Cadre is passionate about helping clients improve their environmental performance and adopt sustainable practices and applies the same principles to its own business. This policy explains how we minimise the environmental impact of our operations and gives some concrete examples of steps we are taking.

  • Resource efficiency: we will use raw materials, energy and water in an efficient way

    • We will only print essential documents​ 

    • We will set equipment to run as efficiently as possible and turn off equipment not being used 

  • Waste reduction: we will reduce our waste and ensure that it is handled efficiently, by reusing or recycling as far as possible 

    • Used electrical and electronic equipment will be donated to charities who reuse it

    • We will not use single-use cups or bottles

  • Carbon footprint: we will recognise the impact of our travel choices

    • Without compromising client relationships, we sometimes choose a virtual meeting

    • We will travel in the most sustainable way for the circumstances

  • Carbon neutral: we will offset our carbon emissions at the end of each year

  • Green tenants and neighbours: we will offer our expertise to our landlords and neighbouring businesses to maximise opportunities for sustainable operations, including the adoption of renewable energy and cleantech innovations.

  • Supply chain: wherever possible we will choose suppliers who demonstrate a similar commitment to sustainability, and choose a "green" option in our purchasing decisions where one is available and economically viable.

This policy will be reviewed annually and we aim to decrease our environmental impact year on year.

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