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clearing the hurdles

taking the lead


Supporting clients on their transactions, covering our areas of subject matter expertise, is a core part of our offer. 


In our transactional work we focus particularly on environmental liabilities (compliance, legacy contamination risk, etc), climate change, planning, H&S and ESG governance matters.


For deals in our sector we will usually lead the team and ensure the full weight of our insight and expertise is applied to ensure a smooth deal, on good terms.  When leading, we bring in and coordinate with the other transactional specialists to ensure proper process and documentation. 


We add a particular value in the highly regulated sectors especially cleantech, energy, waste and deals involving ‘dirty’ sites and major production and processing installations.

supporting your team


As specialist ‘support service’ providers we cover those same subject areas working seamlessly with your transactional team.  We are veterans of advising on several hundred wide-ranging transactional matters spanning all sectors.

For many transactions covering the EHS and related aspects is a hygiene factor and won’t be overly involved.  But you need to get it right.  We don’t make mountains out of molehills.  But when we need to step up and identify and allocate really material risks, that’s where clients are delighted to have us on board, and where we really shine.


There are a number of deals that have proceeded to a happy conclusion only as a result of our creative management of issues arising in due diligence, navigating the transaction process and negotiating sturdy risk allocation solutions.



our work regularly encompasses:


  • detailed due diligence on single assets through to complex, multi-party transactions


  • analysis of liabilities


  • negotiating contractual provisions


  • advising on local asset transfer requirements and permit implications


  • selecting and engaging technical and commercial consultants


  • engaging specialist brokers and structuring and negotiating environmental insurance and third party risk transfer solutions


  • synthesising the inputs from legal technical and insurance to deliver a blended optimal solution to support decision making


  • “Post-transaction” compliance programs and liability management to improve performance and / or prepare for the next transaction




deal types:


Acquisitions and dispositions in a wide range of industries, whether shares or asset deals for:

  • Public and private companies, ranging from cleantech growth companies, major listed companies and multinational corporations

  • Asset managers, private equity and other financial sponsors, including venture capital and sovereign wealth funds

  • Public sector deals, privatisations and outsourcings

  • Boards of directors / management teams

  • Financial advisors


Capital markets transactions – company flotations secondary offerings, or private placements. We also supporting the structuring, launching and listing investment funds in our sector, whether acting for issuers, investor organisations or investment banks. 

> examples of transactional experience


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