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health and safety

safe & sound = happy motivated team

As ever, our primary efforts are to use our compliance counselling skills early to provide policy and regulatory advice to identify risks, avoid problems and to ensure systems are robust and adhered to.  That all helps you prevent injuries and accidents, manage the risks and avoid commercial and criminal liabilities and harm to reputation. 


We have been trusted to advise household name clients on matters where there is a considerable risk of serious reputational impact. Our domain expertise and experience meant we could suggest and advise on appropriate actions from the time of an incident and provide "golden hour" crisis management support all the way through to liaison with regulatory authorities and when all else has failed, represent clients robustly in proceedings.  

We work with the best technical experts and specialist barristers for court work. 

We have advised on a wide range of health & safety matters such as:

  • health and safety regulatory compliance

  • health and safety governance, policies and procedures

  • managing regulatory investigations and advising on appropriate      strategies

  • representation at PACE interviews, and prosecution defence

  • assessing health and safety liabilities as part of due diligence on transactions and projects

  • managing risk at board level

  • director and officer responsibilities and potential personal liability

  • negotiating with the regulatory authorities

  • dangerous substance regulation for human health

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