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Our clients are active in many sectors


  • renewable energy

  • chemicals

  • financial institutions

  • asset managers

  • private equity

  • heavy industry

  • community energy developers

  • waste

  • technology businesses

  • property developers

  • brownfield specialists

  • infrastructure investors

  • energy storage, data and smart grid

  • government & public bodies

  • green groups

  • insurers


subject matter expertise

  • environmental law

  • climate change

  • energy and infrastructure projects

  • cleantech

  • planning and complex consenting

  • sector relevant corporate and project financing

  • impact investing

  • operational and health & safety risks

  • emission trading

"We’re 100% satisfied with quality and delivery. Your team is always on time and the advice and expertise fit our needs perfectly. It really was astonishing to see the great commitment of your team. Whenever we urgently needed a response, we got one." 

CEO international solar EPC

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