the next industrial revolution is happening right here, right now


Cleantech is booming globally. It generates more than 2 trillion euros annually, and rising. 


We are witnessing a massive capital reallocation from traditional industries and energy choices towards green infrastructure and renewables, fuelled by the growing divestment movement and impact investing.


Cleantech has touchpoints in every layer of infrastructure, commerce and society – from energy generation, storage and efficiency to waste and water management, mobility, housing, food production and resource management and innovation.


What was considered fringe, the sustainable alternative, the green option, the eco approach, is now defining the new norm. This mainstreaming is the force behind the “cleantech industrial revolution”. But unlike the industrial revolution, it is driven by necessity. Not simply innovation for innovation’s sake.


Cleantech is the key to our future security – both economically and environmentally.


we see the big picture


Cleantech Cadre was founded with a unique iron focus on the growing cleantech sector, to serve the legal and policy needs of organisations. 


Sustainability is now a strategic business issue. With a thorough understanding of the environmental and climate change issues our clients face, we can help boards and their organisations be proactive and not reactive, turning risk into opportunity.


Our deep understanding of our specialist legal areas we pro-actively help clients manage the risk and exploit the opportunities that comes with the changing legal landscape in the cleantech space.

We come together as a team to serve those who are changing their organisations and sectors for the better.  We support both the game changers and revolutionaries and those making incremental improvements.

We do this in 3 areas of focus:


Supporting the deployment of cleantech solutions to improve resilience and sustainability (and capture the green alpha)?define?



Managing clients' environmental and operational risks and liability



Accelerating the growth of young cleantech businesses


we work on the ground.


Through our pro bono programme we support partners and projects in the community energy and environmental movements deliver on their missions. 


Since Steve McNab eschewed the “learn –earn– return” ethos and founded business-led low carbon charity Pure Leapfrog almost a decade ago, his team has supported scores of community energy makers deliver exemplary community/municipal energy efficiency and renewable generation projects.


We believe that lawyer's time is best spent lawyering for amazing people in amazing not for profits, delivering hard to do projects.