working with you

better ways of working, for your journey

better ways of working, for your journey


Different clients come to us for different support at different stages in their business or project life cycle. If you are in our sector, we want to be with you all the way.

Through a company life cycle we provide support from envisioning to start-up, raising funds, developing your business or project, to latter stage expansion, handling disputes or ensuring compliance as the law evolves or you launch new products and business lines.


We understand the journey through to end of life of a business or asset, helping with legacy liability management, closure and decommissioning.

Similarly, for developers we can support the entire project journey from structuring and concept, site selection, all consenting and regulatory approvals, into construction and operation and/or exit.


cost effective flexibility

Our clients' engagements are led by senior experts providing strategic advice at a competitive cost.  We know when you are trying to deliver a project or close a deal you rely on the lawyer you are working alongside, not so much on the reputation of the big name firm they work for.

Cleantech Cadre operates a highly effective cost structure, enabling us to deliver a work product tailored to our clients’ needs at a fair price. We do not rely on a big bench of junior associates billing long hours to cover big offices and high overheads. This means that the lawyers who you meet in the pitch or in the first meetings will be delivering all the way through.

Cleantech Cadre offers alternative billing mechanisms, such as fixed fees, success fees, outcome-based fees and value billing. Talk to us about ways of working, that work for you.


outside in-house counsel
Some of our high growth clients haven’t got to the size where it makes sense to hire an in-house lawyer, but would benefit from regular support from a lawyer who deeply understands their operations.  If you are challenged by lack of resources or expertise to get projects off the ground or resolve thorny issues, we can help by providing an agreed number of support days each month at a fixed cost under a fixed cost retainer, for as long as you need. Or we can provide a Helpdesk – always available to support you for an allocated number of hours per week or month for a fixed cost.  This trusted advisor status enables us to respond quickly, instinctively and pragmatically – getting you what you need when you need it.  


traditional billing
Some problems are best suited to a per-hour billing structure. You can be confident that you are always getting the highest calibre advice at a reasonable price. Our hourly or daily rates reflect the experience and expertise of our lawyers but take account of our highly effective cost structure.


fixed fee
Work can often be carried out on a fixed fee arrangement. We can divide projects up into stages and apply the most appropriate fee structure to each stage, giving you maximum control and transparency over costs.


risk share
We are able to be more flexible than big firms on how we charge, applying value billing principles and abort fees/success fee uplifts.  We are prepared to discuss converting legal work into sweat equity where our regulatory position allows this.


project counsel
On complex assignments we work with other disciplines on meaningful collaborations – we are happy to lead or be led by engineers, environmental consultants, technical experts or counsel, whether in the UK or abroad, simplifying clients’ lives. If you need an experienced lawyer in your project office several days a week/month we can offer the day rates and flexibility to make it work.

"They are responsive, practical and easy to deal with."  

Chambers UK - Environment

"Excellent insight into the thought processes of the regulators we have to deal with. Adept at dealing with in-house counsel. “ 


Global industrials corp

"Steve has been a huge supporter of Become Energy over the last few years. From his incredible network and respect in the cleantech indusrtry to his ability to always think outside the box, he's continually added value at every step of our journey.“ 

Matt Allen
CEO, Become Energy